March 8, 2015

Dear Diary,
Raoul is in trouble in London...

He's texted me that he's in the hospital there because he was hit by a car last night crossing the street in Mayfair where his hotel is.  He's fine, but he's got a broken leg so he will be laid up for the next few weeks.  He's alone there and so no one to care for him or help him with his affairs.  He's hoping his daughter will come up from Barcelona to help.

But in the meantime I've met someone new on Match, Teddie.  He's asked for more photos.  I told him that the best ones I had were on the site, there's at least ten!  But he says that's not enough.  So he ignored me for a day or so and I just got an email from him.  He wants me to send him photos of my feet.  Specifically my toes.  He says if my toes are pretty he wants to suck them.  Oh for god's sake...this is starting to get weirder and weirder. But then I thought, what the hell?  Send him a shot of some really ugly feet.  It's easy enough...just Google it!  LOL!   Guess that will be the last of Teddie the Toe Sucker.