Serial daters are a lot like the married people on dating sites:  Emotionally unavailable.  Sometimes these cretins are referred to as narcissists, which they are that, too.  Their endless hunt is based in deep-seated insecurities that no one can fill.
So they try to fill that big gap in their fractured psyche with a revolving door of new people: volume dating. They can usually pull it off with internet dating since the target audience is vast and their victims are unknown to each other.  Not like 30 years ago where you try to pull this off and pretty soon everybody in town knew it and called you a "player".

How to Spot a Serial Dater....

1. They really don't want to know much about you. They are into the attraction they have for you and hopefully, the sexual encounter it might yield.
2. They really don't want you to know much about them, either. So the conversation is light, airy and impersonal...but FUN. Always fun.
3. Continuing on with the fun....Means they don't want serious talk, like talk about a relationship, or a relationship with you. They may allude to one in order to keep you interested, but they avoid intimate talk.
4. Oh, and by the way...Have they told you yet how much they LOVE being single? They are perfectly happy with their current status. Ask them about previous relationships and if they happen to slip the facade for a few minutes and tell you the last one was short and so was the one before that, prepare to jump ship.
5. Serial daters want to score and score quickly. If you are a sexual hold out, they will consider that a challenge and continue to woo you until they succeed. Once bedded, they will still be interested if the sex was good, but not soon after that you're going to have a Poofer on your hands. Or actually, out of sight.

"They're never left without a number to call or a person to text and pounce from one potential partner to the next, almost instantaneously.", May 2017