Ah, Poofers!  Poofers poof without notice.  You've exchanged messages on the dating site, then exchanged email addresses, texted a bit and maybe even had a phone call or two.  It's all good!  And then suddenly they don't initiate or respond to anything.  It's like they never existed. So you go back on to the dating site and...yep, they're still there.  In fact, they're "ONLINE NOW" as the little green light in the upper-hand corner so painfully reminds you.

You're tempted to shoot them a quick message and ask them what's up.  But take my word for it:  DON'T.  Just don't do it.

It's obvious they are still alive and breathing, didn't get run over by a bus or any other catastrophe that would rip them away from just one more text message from you.
Poofers poof for a variety of reasons:
1.  Some of them are married and just playing around.
2.  Many are people that fall into that 33% who never venture out and meet someone, they are either very insecure or...just playing around.
3.  Some are in bad relationships and testing the waters to see if there's enough of an interest level to make the break.
4. And then there's the newbie who has never endured the misery of online dating and they just get cold feet.

When you get that first whiff of a poofer, stop everything and back off.  Don't play into their game regardless of their reason for disappearing, because they ALL get a sense of gratification from being pursued by YOU.  Don't let it happen.