The why and how of

Mandy's List started out as a disagreement among friends. A small group, three women and two men, all who had not coincidentally, met through internet dating! The cartoons on our homepage reflect our conversations and how Mandy's List came to be. We thought it was time to take online dating advice a few steps further and actually weed out the trouble-makers and scammers on the dating sites. There are people on these sites who are married and waste a lot of our time with emailing and texting before we find out the hard way that they are fakes and liars.

We have horrified each other with our hair-raising, horrible first dates. The frustrations of navigating the different dating sites, and the difficulties of coping with the inevitable baggage of a new partner. So we discuss the inevitable problems that come with online dating as well as real time dating, too. So, given that the subject matter is sensitive and we are talking about our personal lives, your identity is kept private and secure. If you want to reach out to another member, you may do so through private messaging but the recipient may decline, as well. This allows us to provide and grow a platform that will serve to help us save time, money and heartbreak!

But we are accessible. Contact us by email or phone: 718.360.4977 EST, 10:00 - 6:00, M-F and we will be happy to help you with any questions, concerns or provide more information should you decide to join us. Best wishes and happy dating, Mandy's List Team