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Liars and fakes on internet dating sites are just a given.  A friend of mine calls Plenty of Fish "Plenty of Fakes".    I don't think POF is any worse than the others.  The challenge is to avoid them whichever site you're on. Lying on a dating site profile can range from fairly harmless stuff like hair and hair color (real or "enhanced") to outright criminal intentions.  As you already know by now, the most commons lies are about weight (women) and height (men).

How to spot a liar and a fake?  Google is your best friend.
It's amazing just how much stuff about us is on the internet tucked away in obvious places like Facebook and not such obvious places like state vital statistics sites. In order to get anything out of these sites, which I will list below, you first have to have at least the following info:

1.   The person's REAL name and location/city.
2.  Getting at least the name of the street they live on is really good.
(If you can get their exact address, put it into a search on their county tax records site. This is free info, public records. See if it comes up with their name or someone else.)
3.  Age or at least age range.
4.  The most commonly used email address and dating site screen name. (Trick: Enter their email address into Google's search line. Try entering their dating site screen name in a separate Google search. You can find out if this person is on some other interactive websites and datings sites, too.)
When you have this info gathered start with a simple Google search.  These sites below I have found to be really good for gathering more info. They are paid subscription sites that start with a free trial period, but if you're serious in your search and want to save yourself a lot of gasoline, time and heartache, sign up for a month and see if they work for you.

1. Seems to be the less scandalous of all the people finding sites.
2. Has criminal background checks.
3. is one of my favorite sites because they provide a long list of people associated or related to your search subject, which are clickable. This is how I found out who my ex was living with.  But beware of any kind of pricing and billing changes they may have implemented.  I've heard some complaints.
4.  Same for Truthfinder.  They have some serious scam reviews about their site.

If you use a people finder site and get a hard street address or at least a street name:
1.  Go to Google enter as much of the address as you have in their search line.
2. Click on the little thumbnail image in the search results to get the satellite view.
3. Drag the little yellow man icon down onto the street and get a 360 look at the neighborhood.
4. So you can make sure you're getting a real home address instead of something like this:  obviously not a house or apartment.

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