The Guy with the Perfect, Giant Johnson

This happened about four years ago, and I will never forget it. I don't remember what dating site I met him on, one of the big ones, and all he could talk about after I met him at a bar for a drink was how big his penis was.

He didn't seem to want to talk about anything else. That and how good he was in bed. At first I tried to chuckle it away and change the subject. I should have just gotten up and walked out, but the bartender got involved. He overheard this guy  because he was talking loudly other people sitting nearby could hear him too. And he wasn't even drunk! I guess that's why I wasn't scared. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion.
(continued below)

So the bartender took him on....

The bartender, definitely a gay blade and not afraid, comes over to us while he's washing and drying glasses and looked at me and said "Here we go. Honey, you're not the first one he's bragged to about his johnson on my shift. One lady lived to tell the tale, came back and told us all about Mr. Johnson's johnson." He giggled and winked at me. LOL!

I thought our "Mr. Johnson" was going to reach across the bar and grab him. But the bartender just turned on him and said, sit down and behave or leave. He left! Yay!

The bartender, Ben, my savior, winked at me and came back to where I was sitting.  He said if I needed someone to walk me to my car he would or someone else there would and then he poured me a free glass of wine. So when I became single again earlier this year, I looked Ben up and found him working at a new place.   I called him at his new bar and asked if he remembered me and he did!  So yes, when I make plans to meet someone new for a drink, you bet, it's going to be wherever Ben is behind the bar.

New Hampshire