Jerk Spied on Me

I THOUGHT I had met a really cool guy on Match and the only problem seemed to be distance.  But not that much if we both liked each other.  So we agreed to meet on the southwest corner of Mulberry  and Grand in Lower Manhattan at 12:00 noon.

It was about a one hour plus drive for both of us,  and as we came out of the tunnels into Manhattan we texted each other to update our arrival times.  Parking was difficult as always but he said no problem, take your time, I'll wait for you as planned.

I found a parking lot 3 blocks away, paid and started walking quickly as I was now running late from the street traffic being so heavy on Canal Street.  I got to the corner of Mulberry and Grand there was no one there looking for me.....
(continued below)

So like an idiot I stood there....

Our last communication by text had been just minutes ago so I fully expected this guy to be standing there waiting for me.   But no one looking like him, in fact hardly anyone at all, was even walking past me on that corner.  So like an idiot I still just stood there.  And I got mad.
There was a bakery across the street on Mulberry, so I went in and took a window seat and ordered a cup of coffee.  About twenty minutes later I had given up on this guy.  He didn't answer his phone or return my texts.  I ordered a sandwich and as I was munching into what had to have been the best BLT of my life, I see this jerk walking OUT of a little cafe that faced out to the corner where we were supposed to meet.  He's been in there the whole time!  He had been spying on me.  If he had liked what he saw when I arrived he would have come out and gotten me.  I was livid.

As I watched him walk away I called him.  I saw him pull out his phone and then put it back in his pocket.  So I left him  a message and told him he wasn't going to get away with this.  And that I was going to go on to Match and contact every woman in his zip code and beyond and warn them about him and his slimey ways.  And I did.  Met a lot of very nice new friends, too, so not a bad end to my story!

Tewksbury, NJ