My Date was an
Identity Thief

On our very first date this pretty woman I met on Zoosk tried to steal my identity.

First thing she said after we sat down at TGI Friday's was that she needed to verify my identity for her own personal safety. She wanted to see if I matched my driver's license.  I thought it was odd but then thought again that maybe she was being smart so I pulled out my wallet and handed her my license.   She held it for a second like she was studying it and then hell if she didn't whip out her cell phone and take a picture of it.   I asked her what the hell that was all about and she said, just for the same reason.  No big deal.
(continued below)

But it didn't end there.

We sat for awhile and she asked me a lot of questions about where I came from, where I lived before Orlando, what my job was, what company I worked for.  I was dumb enough to believe she was asking me all these questions because she was really interested in me.  I was certainly interested in her.  She was really pretty and her low cut blouse was interesting too.

After about an hour or so I told her I was going to the men's room and I took my credit card out, set it out on the table and motioned the waiter to bring our bill.  I got all the way to the men's room when I got a bad feeling.  I turned around and caught her with her cell phone out again, this time taking a picture of my credit card!  Bitch!  I walked back to the table and told her to show me her cell phone.  I made her show me the shots she took of my card and license and I made her delete them on the promise that she would never see me again and I would not report her to the police.

So I have kept my promise.  I haven't reported her to the police.  But if you are a guy on the dating sites and see a 5'8" woman, light blonde hair, goes by the name of Dawn, good looking, drives a white Mazda sedan, beware.

Orlando, Florida