Ambushed by a Trump Voter

Met this woman on Tinder. We met for a drink after a little back and forth texting and a quick phone call.   She was gorgeous in person!  Hot body.   I was worried because all of her photos were just head shots.  Drinks turned into dinner and a plan to watch the Falcons play the Packers at my house on Sunday.

She showed up in a nice, tight Atlanta t-shirt with a bowl of guac and a bag of chips.  This was going to be a great first date.   The Dirty Birds were winning and we were doing our own  moves on my couch.  I don't remember how it came up, but we started talking about Trump.  My mind flashed back as best I could to what  her deal was, if any, when it came to politics.   But it became clear real fast when I said I had voted for Bernie.  She got mad as hell.
(continued below)

Trumpster Alert

She said she had voted for Trump, because he's the only one who can bring this country back from ruins. Ranted about Hillary for about 5 minutes, and then asked me how in the world I could vote for Bernie because all I did was help Hillary. It was as good as being a traitor to God and country. Oh wow.

I made my best case, but she didn't listen. Stopped listening as soon as I got two sentences in. So I turned the tables and asked her how she could vote for a guy who admitted to grabbing women by their p&$$!es. Whoooo. That's when she really lost it. She got up, grabbed her guac and stormed out the door, screaming at me all the way calling me things I can't write here.

Well, at least she didn't break anything. So I thought, what the hell, another Tinder bomb.  I sat down and rewound the football game back on my DVR back where her rant began. At least she's not going to screw up the game, too. But I was wrong.

About thirty minutes later I got up to go to the kitchen and noticed the carpet close to the hallway seemed damp. I was barefooted. I  went down the hallway and the carpet was squishy. By the time I got close to the bathroom, the water was coming up between my toes. Then I saw it. The bathroom window was open and the garden hose was propped inside and on. My bathroom and the entire hallway and another bedroom were flooded. That crazy bitch couldn't ruin my day, so she had to ruin my carpet, instead.

Alpharetta, GA