Mandy's Profile Photo Fix

Your photos have only 3 seconds to engage a visitor.  Our Adobe Certified Photoshop expert can polish and professionalize your dating site photos.  Scroll down to see these examples and upload your photos here for a free quote.

bathroom shot for dating site

The problem: Wonderful photo but... who's under the hat?

Great shot, she looks great, background is very cool, too. But we simply can't see her face! So we use the curve and level tools in Photoshop to lighten her face and bring it out to balance and match the rest of her body. Simply lightening her face would take away the color and tone. We also trimmed the sides down so that there's more focus on her and not the beach and water behind her.

bathroom shot for dating site

The problem: Obvious. And yes, we know he did this on purpose.

But if he wants to use this charming head shot on a dating site that doesn't allow nudity, he may want to use our edited version. His face was a little too red, so we evened out the tone to match the rest the skin showing and cropped it on the right to create a better balanced shot.

bathroom shot for dating site

The problem: Bathroom selfies are just a turn-off.

This is a very cute and sexy picture but the background shouldn't have rolls of toilet paper on the side. So we cropped the image down, left out the sink and zoomed in on the subject. We also sharpened the image, used the "Vibrance" tool to make the colors deeper, moved to a cooler overall tone getting rid of the yellow cast, and used the level and curves tools to even out and balance her face, hair and dress against the background for a brighter, much more alluring shot.

getting rid of ex in a dating site photo

The problem: Nixing the ex out of the pix.

It just doesn't go over well to see any part of the ex in your photos. Blocking out his or her face with a white square distracts from YOUR image and it immediately sets up the question of "Who is that?" and "How long ago did you break up?" Awkward questions that don't have to be asked of you in the first place if the photo is edited properly. So we took the old girlfriend (we assume she's the ex, but that's what Mandy's List is all about) out of the picture, literally! Rebuilt the shirt sleeve and blacked out the background on his left. Like magic, our friend here is solo again.

dating profile shot

The problem: Great smile, bad lighting and tone.

This is such a great shot, but as you can see, she's BLUE, and the lighting ages her. The red wall lights in the background look like they are coming out of her head. So with altering the tone and color back to warmer lighting and elimination of the background noise, it turns out to be a great profile headshot!

group of friends

The problem: "Which one is you?"

Men complain about this more than women: it's a great shot of you and your friends but to a new visitor, it may confuse. So our Photoshop editor muted the others using exposure, curve and level tools, and highlighted the you to stand out of the crowd with helpful graphics that draw attention to the photo itself and YOU.

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